THE ULTIMATE Party Zone Motor Opto Switch Board

A NEWLY designed replacement MOTOR OPTO SWITCH BOARD for (Bally) PARTY ZONE - BRAND NEW DESIGN June 2019

Replaces original Board 5768-12866-00.


This board solves ALL of the design problems of the original boards.

None of the other replacement- and aftermarket boards correct the factory design flaws, which always cause instability, unreliability and failure of the Opto Switch Board, so that it is only a matter of time before these boards, especially the OPTOS, will fail.

What are the advantages of the new board?

Completely NEW design of the board according to the recognized state of the art.


No longer suffer from weak or intermittent OPTO problems.

This board will solve the weak OPTO-problem FOREVER and ALL TIMES.
On the original board the OPTOS directly drive the switch matrix, and this is the greatest reason for the unreliability of these boards.
This design flaw by Bally/Williams has been corrected with this board using separate driver logic controlled by the OPTOS. The OPTOS no longer drive the switch matrix directly , there is extra logic implemented. You no longer will have the nasty report "head malfunction" or credit dots.

You can use every "normal" OPTO, as far as the aparture size is suitable.
There is no longer any need to search for the obsolete original OPTO QVE11233.086. We use TCST1103 (=CNY37=H22A1) from VISHAY; the "normal" QVE11233 OPTOS will work as well with our board.

6 visual status indicator LEDs for the OPTOS have been added, so you can see at once if one of the 3 OPTOS has a problem or if the problem is elsewhere.
- 3 GREEN LEDs indicate the health of the infra-red LEDs in the corresponding OPTO. If a green LED is off, the infra-red LED in the OPTO is faulty.
- 3 RED LEDs show the status of each OPTO SENSOR.

Discrete components used where possible for easy repair.

All ICs socketed.

Plug compatible. Plug & Play replacement board without any modifications. Just remove the old Motor Opto Switch Board and put in the new board.

Really available in large quantities (no vaporware).

Each board is individually tested before shipment.

Instruction manual and online support included.

Quality product made in germany.


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